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3 Ways To Make Readers Stop And Pay Attention To Your Writing


Even in a world where live-streaming video and podcasting are gaining
popularity amongst knowledge consumers at a breakneck pace, there’s
still immense power in the written word. Not only is reading still the
preferred medium for consumption by many, but it can also be essential
in cases where streaming connections aren’t practical or when consumers
want to engage deeper with their content.

Let’s face it, you are reading this right now. That has to count for
something, right? Right?!

Despite its importance, many people still have lackluster writing
skills, or at least don’t ever bother into the intricacies that
professional writers sweat over their perfection of day in and day out.
Today, we’re going to go over three ways you can make your writing more
effective by increasing reader comprehension.

Be a factbacker.

One of the things that becomes quickly apparent when you start reading
through successful blogs and publications is that research efforts are
never an afterthought. When writing pieces which largely consist of
your own opinion or which are based primarily on your own experiences,
it’s easy to just ramble and say what you want to say without too much
of a basis.

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to get used to
infusing your writing with links to other sources that can back up what
you want to say. If your goal is to say something completely new or put
an unwritten spin on a topic (which is awesome, by the way!), then try
and source some of the articles that got you thinking or that could help
lead readers to your own conclusions. This push for credibility can
really help the effectiveness of your messages.

Invent words.

What the hell is a fact-backer? I don’t know, I made it up! One of the
greatest things Shakespeare and others like him did for the English
language is add words to it. In fact, you’d be surprised at how many of
the most common, normal-sounding words we use today were invented in the
last few hundred years by a handful of creative minds.

Doing this not only makes people stop and really think about what
they’re reading – you probably stop and try to figure out new words
immediately when reading – but it also creates a mental association with
your writing by forcing more engagement.

Get smart with formatting.

Finally, get spacey with it. Time spent reading a webpage increases
with the general readability of that page, and a major contributing
factor to this in the online space is how well your text is spaced out
and formatted.

Unlike writing a formal article, let alone a research paper, writing for
blogs and casual online properties should never exceed a couple of lines
per paragraph. In fact, unlike in other forms of writing, it is
perfectly acceptable for each sentence to be its own paragraph.

Beyond these three, it’s practice, practice, practice to get as good as
you can at bringing concision and persuasiveness into your written words
– good luck!


How to Get Your Emails Opened in 2015

Email marketing is still extremely relevant in 2015 but, like most
things, approaches have had to be evolved in order to remain effective.
No place is this more true that with opening rates, in which marketers
evaluate how often their email communications are opened and read.

Every email you send that doesn’t get read is a missed opportunity, and
subject line tricks and formulas that may have worked a few years ago
might not carry the same weight today. Much of this is due to the
problem of volume inundation. The average email account today is
spammed with anywhere between tens and hundreds of junk communications
per day, on top of a varying volume of legitimate/wanted ones.

Along with this inundation, comes the fact that people have become
desensitized to sensational headlines. Things that may have piqued
interest in 2010 now just scream “scam!” or “yeah right, I don’t believe
THAT!” to the average consumer.

What all of this means, in a nutshell, is that you’ve got to get
creative in order to get opens these days. At the very least, you’ll
need to invest in some longterm strategic thinking.

In fact, your plan for improving open rates should be occurring long
before an actual email is sent or a subject line is read. The largest
factor in any open is going to be the sender, so you need to make sure
you have established trust with whoever you are mailing.

One of the first steps to this, and something I cannot stress enough, is
using confirmed – also called “double” opt in. It forces people to see
your name twice, and gets the recognition process started. The people
you lose because they couldn’t be bothered to confirm their subscription
were probably not great prospects to begin with.

Next, make your opt-in incentive excellent. I mean award-winning. Make
it actually useful and give them something they’re not finding somewhere
else. Most marketers in any given niche are giving away half-solutions
or useless “5 steps” PDF’s – be the one person in your area who isn’t.

Next, and this is probably a step where the most dropoff in open rates
occurs despite not getting much attention, is that you ensure that the
quality of your email followups can compete with that of your first
email/incentive. Especially your second and third email, really
overdeliver and give people information they can’t live without. Really
prove you’ve done your homework and have the answers they’re looking

I cannot stress this enough. People get hung up on writing the perfect
subject line when the reality is that you could have the worst headlines
in the game and still pull off stellar open rates if you’re a trusted
sender whose advice is valued. By the same token, you could find your
traditionally excellent subject line methods scoring low on open
percentage because no one remembers who you are or thought that it
became too obvious early on that you were more interested in selling to
them than helping them.

Once you have this trust established, feel free to go crazy with your
subject line split testing, but know that this step – the one email
marketers spend probably the most time on – is insignificant in the
grand scheme of things.


Copy Tips for Saying More With Less

Copywriting doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. From the
billions of dollars in sales each day that hinge on a well-formatted
sales letter, to a polished TV commercial script, to the catchy jingle
or slogan you just can’t get out of your head, effective professional,
persuasive writing, “copywriting,” does a lot for us as marketers.

It’s unfortunate then that copy is often neglected as a luxury expense
or an unnecessary cog in many marketers’ or business owners’ sales
funnels. The reason, inevitably, is cost. Good copywriters know that
their words will have a direct effect on your conversion rates, and thus
the money you make, and leverage that knowledge for a nice payday. It
then goes to follow that many marketers begin crafting their own copy.
To be honest, even if you don’t have the polish and practice of a
professional, someone who is a good writer in general can learn to
produce decent copy to keep them growing and selling until they can
afford a dedicated copywriter. The key word there, however, is “learn.”

Amateur copy is almost always identifiable by a lack of brevity; people
often write too much and get too wordy, losing their vital, important,
life-changing points amongst superfluous, unnecessary adjectives and
ineffective anecdotes. See what I did there? That sentence could have
been a lot shorter! Today, we’ll take a look at how you can catch
yourself and self-edit copy to stay effective and to the point.

1) Cut out very. The concept of “cutting out very” is probably
referenced in proper copywriting books somewhere, but here’s my take on
it. The tendency in sales writing is to be, well, selly. The way to do
this however is with proper punctuation and, more importantly, by
getting inside your audience’s head and telling them what they want to
hear. Unfortunately, amateur writers usually use “filler” words. The
word ‘very’ is one prominent example, because it is a false enhancer
that is rarely needed. Don’t say “It’s very good,” say “it’s the best.”
Another example is the use of very before the word ‘unique’, which is
redundant. Something is either unique or it isn’t, it’s not “very

2) Boil it down to exactly what someone needs to know. One of the
biggest things you can do to make your copywriting effective is to put
yourself in the shoes of the person you’re writing to. This gets you
out of salesman mode and helps you think about what someone with the
problem you’re offering a solution for actually wants to hear.
Sometimes, doing this can help us see that what we’re put down is over
the top, too selly or spammy, or even just flat out unhelpful!

3) Proofread 80 times. And I’m not just talking about any usual
proofread. Sure, you’re going to be checking your spelling and grammar
and making sure everything lines up, but a copywriting proofread should
see you putting on another hat as well, the “could this possibly sound
any better?!” hat. Read each sentence and look for words that could be
dropped, phrases that could be made more appropriate for your customers,

Of course, just like every facet of IM, there’s always more to learn on
the copywriting front, but this should get you headed in the right
direction until you can hire a personal Don Draper of your own.


Is having a website a must for affiliate marketing?

Internet Marketing

Do you want to tap into the boundless benefits of eCommerce?

Don’t have the know-how or even the capital to
fund your online start-up? Well, do not worry.
There are still plenty of online marketing strategies
that you can try.Undoubtedly one of the best of options
happens to be affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing option offers first time
marketers, a golden opportunity by allowing one to promote
digital & software products without creating them and
profiting from the commissions set by the vendor.


  1. Start by enrolling in a suitable affiliate marketing Program 


That is run by either an online merchant or retailer. IE: Clickbank
You can select the right products to promote immediately.
For every lead you send to the merchant that results in a purchase,
you will earn a considerable commission usually 50% and above.


  1. Establishing yourself in affiliate marketing is a fairly straight forward process.

That is made even easier by the fact that joining most
of these programs is usually free of charge. Clickbank
and JvZoo for Instance.

However, despite these advantages,most individuals
are cautious when it comes to trying it out.
The problem, for the most part, stems from these people wrongly
thinking that having a website is mandatory to venture into
Affiliate Marketing.

There are marketers out there that do not have a website at all, and in reality,

almost anyone can effortlessly market affiliate products without
setting up their own website. All that is required is to create
a hop link on Clickbank and advertize that link through a social
channel. Which is free!


marketing strategies without a website!

Successful affiliate marketing techniques can be executed without a website.
This includes:

  • email marketing
  • eBook creation
  • Offline marketing
  • Ezine submissions


Taking part in online discussions such as forums,
message boards, chatting and several others.

Let us now take a closer look at some of these strategies below.





EmailsEmail marketing
This strategy is by far the most popular affiliate
marketing methods that doesn’t  necessitate the
affiliate to have a website.

Most Autoresponder services, Aweber for instance,
will host your landing page for you, You build up
your list via Solo advertisements.


Basically, You pay someone to send your offer to their
email list,  once you get  hold of email addresses of
potential clients, you  just send them articles touching on the

the products you may be marketing.

These articles don’t necessary have to be overly promotional
in nature, as many people equate such strategies to spamming.

Instead, you should try to offer insightful content and add
a call-to-action at the end of each article that ideally should
also contain links to your affiliate merchant’s website.

Alternatively, you can choose to market your affiliate products offline.
Some of the most effective platforms to do this include classified ads,
promotional flyers, and even brochures.

Classified ads are by far a much more excellent option as they
get published in periodicals, which can ensure you reach a broader audience


ebook-590x358Creating free eBooks

If you have a flair for words, authoring free eBooks
can be the ideal mode of marketing your affiliate products
if you don’t have a website.

Just like in email marketing or newsletters, it is extremely
critical to properly connect with your targeted audience.

Hence, your eBooks should not be bloated with fluff,
It should be concise and  educational.

Make a point to make sure that the content you create
is related to the products you wish to market.

While also ensuring you always put a captivating
call-to-action at its end, with either your affiliate
marketing merchant’s text ads or banners.


Submitting Ezine Articles

For those who may perhaps be not in the know, Ezines
are online articles or other publications that are meant
to elaborate on any given topic.

If you dont have your own site then,
submitting Ezines can be the right course of action.
It will get you into the habit of writing articles and then
if you do start your own blog you will already be off to
a good start.

This channel, like email marketing or eBook creation,
means you will also have to put a suitable call-to-action
with links to your affiliate product at the end of each Ezine you submit.


bloggingbusinessOnline discussions & Blog Commenting

Regardless of whether you have a web site in place or not,
taking part in relevant online discussions can also be an
ideal way of marketing your affiliate products.

Forums, message boards or even chat sites provide an excellent
platform where you can effectively engage individuals who may be
in need of the products you promote.




Well, as you can see for yourself all these strategies
can make one think that having a website for affiliate
marketing purposes is unnecessary.

Like earlier mentioned, venturing into this online marketing
platform may not be difficult without setting up a website,
but getting to the next level can be nearly impossible without one.

Having a website is not actually mandatory in affiliate marketing
unless the merchant/s you work with need you to have one in place.

But it is still highly recommended to setup your own site if
not in the initial stages, then at least when you progress further
into affiliate marketing. Most of the top Affiliate marketing
experts do indeed have a website.

This is largely due to the fact that a website always presents
a lot of benefits in this game. For instance, it can facilitate
for a cost effective “one-in-all” platform where you can actually
ingeniously market not one, but all the affiliate products you wish
to promote.

Additionally, putting in place a website can enable you to
effortlessly market your affiliate products to a much broader
and highly diversified audience.

The Different ways of marketing that I have shown you above
prove that  setting up
a website is not a prerequisite
in affiliate marketing,
but it certainly doing so does take the  whole process to a
different level, It is a very fun and rewarding experience,
and like anything it gets easier over time .

Also when you are earning good money you can always

your Website work on sites like Odesk or Elance.

So what are you waiting for ? act now

Go sign up with Clickbank or jvzoo, it’s easy to start.

Below is a video I made to show the sign-up process for ClickBank.


If you feel you don’t have the know-how to set up your
website or you need any advice you can contact me directly.
At Or reach out on Skype darren-mac

I will help you on your way.
I am also offeringa free website
done for you service

if you sign up for your hosting via my Affiliate link..

You won’t get changed any different for using my link,
however I will get a small affiliate payment.

This will pay for my time while I create your website.
I am also Including a custom header for your site.


It doesn’t matter how many say it cannot be done or how many people have tried it before; it’s important to realize that whatever you’re doing, it’s your first attempt at it.




Why You should Sign Up as a Jvzoo Affiliate


Earning money through the internet has never been easier now. A decade ago, it was still very daunting to find the best online moneymaking method which works effectively.

Now, the chances are unlimited and there are endless opportunities for everyone with a strong desire to gain thousands of dollars in a monthly basis. There are freelance jobs, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding online jobs and  have gone on to generate thousands of millionaires worldwide.

There are success stories of affiliate marketers, who are smart enough in choosing the best affiliate marketing company.

Most of them are wise enough to sign up to become a Jvzoo affiliate.

Why Jvzoo?

What’s so special about becoming the member of Jvzoo?

There are so many companies that offer affiliate marketing with some benefits. How can Jvzoo stand out from others? The first and the foremost reason is the well-integrated affiliate system that Jvzoo applies.

It does not require any single cost to be the affiliate marketer for various products that Jvzoo’s partners offer, so there is no need to worry about losing a dime for a useless registration.

Everything is managed through a systemized affiliate marketing scheme, that no other affiliate marketing company can rival.

How to Start


It is as easy as visiting and register for free.

Any applicant should fill the registration form with the most accurate personal information and the real phone number for verification. Once the phone number is verified, the applicant will be the member of Jvzoo affiliate and starts using the available features.

The Best Features of Jvzoo

Jvzoo members can enjoy various benefits from becoming the affiliate marketers. First, they do not need to use certain tools from the third party to sell any product.

Jvzoo members can sell products and get the payment in only a few mouse clicks through Jvzoo. Members will get the payment safely through PayPal, once they manage to sell the products.

There is a sophisticated split payment for the convenience of both the affiliate marketers and sellers. As the affiliate marketers are paid directly by sellers or vendors, they can rest assured that they will receive safe payment which is free from PayPal dispute or a charge-back—just in case there is a customer’s dissatisfaction.

There are still so many excellent features, that affiliate marketers can enjoy after joining Jvzoo. They will benefit more by selling the best products from the marketplace, based on their desires. Products range from food, finance, education, entertainment, e-commerce, family, home, self improvement, software, writing and many more. There are lots of choices for affiliate marketers, in which they can sell the products that they really fond of. They can even track for their earnings and traffic in real-time.

Sign Up Now and Welcome The Opportunity of an Endless Income

There is no need to wait! Sign up now and start gaining lots of money, hassle free. Get the chance of earning commissions from the directly sold products, from the recruited affiliate marketers. With all those benefits, Jvzoo affiliate program is definitely worth joining.


How To Sign Up With Clickbank

Editor's choiceclickbank-logo is an online marketing place held privately for digital information products. It serves as a connection between the affiliate marketers and vendors, also known as content writers, who then are again responsible for promoting the products to the customers.

Clickbank was named by the Revenue Magazine as the top affiliate marketing website in the United States. According to the figures released in 2011, Clickbank had attracted around 1,500,000 affiliate marketers.( Updated, As of Nov 17th 2014 click bank has paid out over $3 BILLION in affiliate commissions)

The company had paid over 3.0 billion$ to affiliates and vendors by November 2014. It generates annual revenue of $450 million and processes around 35,000 transactions in a day.Becoming an affiliate with Clickbank is absolutely free and also requires a very less amount of time.

How to Sign up with Clickbank?

You can sign up with Clickbank by just following the simple steps given below:

  1. Go to the Sign Up’ form of Clickbank.
  2. You then need to fill out the information requested in the form.
  3. You will be asked to enter a nickname. In that field enter a name which you can easily remember. This name will be used when you want to log into your account. The minimum characters required for the name is minimum 5 and maximum is 10.
  4. Check the ‘I Agree’ box to indicate that you have read all the terms and conditions and agree to the. Also, review the client contract.
  5. The text image must be entered into a box placed below the image.
  6. At the end of the form there will be a Submit Button’. Click the Submit Button’ after you have given all the required information by entering them into the relevant boxes.
  7. You will then be taken to your Clickbank account.
  8. You will be asked to confirm your email address in order to be completely associated with your clickbank account.
  9. Go to your email and click the link to confirm your email address.
  10. On clicking the link you will be redirected back to your clickbank account. Here you will be asked to write down your nickname and password.

Sometimes the pages might not function properly. This is because your cookies and JavaScript might be disabled.

Make sure you enable them in order to ensure proper functioning. Once you have received your password and have signed up with Clickbank; you are permitted to login at any time. You just need to click Log In’ and enter your nickname as well as password to enter the site.

Why to Sign in with Clickbank?

You might be working very hard to develop an audience with tremendous loyalty.

You might be doing this with the help of your website or blog. You might also be having a whole lot of ideas to increase your earnings through audience.

But unless you are an affiliate of Clickbank, you are not making the money you deserve for the efforts you are putting in.

If you are an affiliate with Clickbank you will be able to promote products that are picked by you with a specific idea of your audience in mind. Thus, you will be in control of the promotions that are going to appear on your site.

Don’t wait anymore. Sign up with Clickbank and enjoy affiliate marketing as well as the facilities of being a vendor.


How to Sign up with Aweber

Editor's choiceaweber

If you are interested in signing up with Aweber, you can start by filling up a sign up form on the website. The good thing is that you can start a $1 trial when you want to subscribe to this autoresponder service.

You are going to be charged $1 for your first month, and if you’re not entirely satisfied with the service, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, So if you don’t like it just cancel within the 30 days and get your money back. You can also choose from various packages, and there is a $19 monthly package, $49 quarterly package, and a $194 yearly package. Once you provide your billing information, you can sign up for the service using your credit card.

You can now start creating your forms, and you can create your pop up, lightbox or pop-over signing up form. To do this, you just need to click on the ‘Sign Up Forms’ tab in your navigation menu. After that, you can create your new form or you can edit the existing one. You will then be provided with templates, and there is a tool bar with the drop down box labeled ‘Form Type’. Here is where you can select from all the form types that are available.

An in-line form appears within the current body of your webpage while a pop-over form hovers within your webpage and it usually can’t be blocked. A lightbox is similar to the pop-over box but it will darken your webpage. A pop-up form opens in a new window and it is blocked by most web browsers. Once you’ve selected your form, you can hit a preview button within the sign-up form generator to view how it will work. You can also view demos on the Aweber website.

After choosing the type of form that you prefer, it’s possible to customize it exactly how it should look on your webpage. Depending on the type of form that you’ve chosen, you can be able to customize the following.

You can customize the delay, and by default, the forms appear instantly as soon as your webpage loads. If you prefer a brief delay before your affiliate marketing form appears, you can enter the number of seconds that your visitors have to wait.

You can also customize the recurrence of the form, and the default setting is ‘Always Display’. However, this can cause annoyance to your visitors if forms are always being offered every time they visit your site. Instead, you can choose to have the pop-up form appearing only once, or on certain days.

Another thing you can customize is the pop-up behavior, and you can choose to have the form appearing after the visitor leaves your webpage.

You can also choose a form that doesn’t appear to your visitor immediately, but in a separate window, and this is called a pop-under form. After finishing your design and set-up, you can save it and then publish it on your website.

You will be provided with a code for this process. Once you do this, visitors to your website are going to get the option of receiving offers in their inbox, and your affiliate marketing effort is now fully operational.


Aweber and Squeezepages

Most Squeezepage generators and plugins have integration already installed for Aweber. You simply make the form and then copy the html code where instructed.

While there are lots of Different autoresponder services available on the market today Aweber is the one that everyone gravitates back too. At the 1$ Sign up for the one month trial you really have nothing to lose.


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