How to Sign up with Aweber


If you are interested in signing up with Aweber, you can start by filling up a sign up form on the website. The good thing is that you can start a $1 trial when you want to subscribe to this autoresponder service.

You are going to be charged $1 for your first month, and if you’re not entirely satisfied with the service, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, So if you don’t like it just cancel within the 30 days and get your money back. You can also choose from various packages, and there is a $19 monthly package, $49 quarterly package, and a $194 yearly package. Once you provide your billing information, you can sign up for the service using your credit card.

You can now start creating your forms, and you can create your pop up, lightbox or pop-over signing up form. To do this, you just need to click on the ‘Sign Up Forms’ tab in your navigation menu. After that, you can create your new form or you can edit the existing one. You will then be provided with templates, and there is a tool bar with the drop down box labeled ‘Form Type’. Here is where you can select from all the form types that are available.

An in-line form appears within the current body of your webpage while a pop-over form hovers within your webpage and it usually can’t be blocked. A lightbox is similar to the pop-over box but it will darken your webpage. A pop-up form opens in a new window and it is blocked by most web browsers. Once you’ve selected your form, you can hit a preview button within the sign-up form generator to view how it will work. You can also view demos on the Aweber website.

After choosing the type of form that you prefer, it’s possible to customize it exactly how it should look on your webpage. Depending on the type of form that you’ve chosen, you can be able to customize the following.

You can customize the delay, and by default, the forms appear instantly as soon as your webpage loads. If you prefer a brief delay before your affiliate marketing form appears, you can enter the number of seconds that your visitors have to wait.

You can also customize the recurrence of the form, and the default setting is ‘Always Display’. However, this can cause annoyance to your visitors if forms are always being offered every time they visit your site. Instead, you can choose to have the pop-up form appearing only once, or on certain days.

Another thing you can customize is the pop-up behavior, and you can choose to have the form appearing after the visitor leaves your webpage.

You can also choose a form that doesn’t appear to your visitor immediately, but in a separate window, and this is called a pop-under form. After finishing your design and set-up, you can save it and then publish it on your website.

You will be provided with a code for this process. Once you do this, visitors to your website are going to get the option of receiving offers in their inbox, and your affiliate marketing effort is now fully operational.


Aweber and Squeezepages

Most Squeezepage generators and plugins have integration already installed for Aweber. You simply make the form and then copy the html code where instructed.

While there are lots of Different autoresponder services available on the market today Aweber is the one that everyone gravitates back too. At the 1$ Sign up for the one month trial you really have nothing to lose.


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