Is having a website a must for affiliate marketing?

Internet Marketing

Do you want to tap into the boundless benefits of eCommerce?

Don’t have the know-how or even the capital to
fund your online start-up? Well, do not worry.
There are still plenty of online marketing strategies
that you can try.Undoubtedly one of the best of options
happens to be affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing option offers first time
marketers, a golden opportunity by allowing one to promote
digital & software products without creating them and
profiting from the commissions set by the vendor.


  1. Start by enrolling in a suitable affiliate marketing Program 


That is run by either an online merchant or retailer. IE: Clickbank
You can select the right products to promote immediately.
For every lead you send to the merchant that results in a purchase,
you will earn a considerable commission usually 50% and above.


  1. Establishing yourself in affiliate marketing is a fairly straight forward process.

That is made even easier by the fact that joining most
of these programs is usually free of charge. Clickbank
and JvZoo for Instance.

However, despite these advantages,most individuals
are cautious when it comes to trying it out.
The problem, for the most part, stems from these people wrongly
thinking that having a website is mandatory to venture into
Affiliate Marketing.

There are marketers out there that do not have a website at all, and in reality,

almost anyone can effortlessly market affiliate products without
setting up their own website. All that is required is to create
a hop link on Clickbank and advertize that link through a social
channel. Which is free!


marketing strategies without a website!

Successful affiliate marketing techniques can be executed without a website.
This includes:

  • email marketing
  • eBook creation
  • Offline marketing
  • Ezine submissions


Taking part in online discussions such as forums,
message boards, chatting and several others.

Let us now take a closer look at some of these strategies below.





Is Having A Website A Must For Affiliate Marketing?Email marketing
This strategy is by far the most popular affiliate
marketing methods that doesn’t  necessitate the
affiliate to have a website.

Most Autoresponder services, Aweber for instance,
will host your landing page for you, You build up
your list via Solo advertisements.


Basically, You pay someone to send your offer to their
email list,  once you get  hold of email addresses of
potential clients, you  just send them articles touching on the

the products you may be marketing.

These articles don’t necessary have to be overly promotional
in nature, as many people equate such strategies to spamming.

Instead, you should try to offer insightful content and add
a call-to-action at the end of each article that ideally should
also contain links to your affiliate merchant’s website.

Alternatively, you can choose to market your affiliate products offline.
Some of the most effective platforms to do this include classified ads,
promotional flyers, and even brochures.

Classified ads are by far a much more excellent option as they
get published in periodicals, which can ensure you reach a broader audience


ebook-590x358 - Is Having A Website A Must For Affiliate Marketing?Creating free eBooks

If you have a flair for words, authoring free eBooks
can be the ideal mode of marketing your affiliate products
if you don’t have a website.

Just like in email marketing or newsletters, it is extremely
critical to properly connect with your targeted audience.

Hence, your eBooks should not be bloated with fluff,
It should be concise and  educational.

Make a point to make sure that the content you create
is related to the products you wish to market.

While also ensuring you always put a captivating
call-to-action at its end, with either your affiliate
marketing merchant’s text ads or banners.


Submitting Ezine Articles
Ezine-Articles-Logo - Is Having A Website A Must For Affiliate Marketing?

For those who may perhaps be not in the know, Ezines
are online articles or other publications that are meant
to elaborate on any given topic.

If you dont have your own site then,
submitting Ezines can be the right course of action.
It will get you into the habit of writing articles and then
if you do start your own blog you will already be off to
a good start.

This channel, like email marketing or eBook creation,
means you will also have to put a suitable call-to-action
with links to your affiliate product at the end of each Ezine you submit.


bloggingbusiness - Is Having A Website A Must For Affiliate Marketing?Online discussions & Blog Commenting

Regardless of whether you have a web site in place or not,
taking part in relevant online discussions can also be an
ideal way of marketing your affiliate products.

Forums, message boards or even chat sites provide an excellent
platform where you can effectively engage individuals who may be
in need of the products you promote.



ConclusionConclusion - Is Having A Website A Must For Affiliate Marketing?

Well, as you can see for yourself all these strategies
can make one think that having a website for affiliate
marketing purposes is unnecessary.

Like earlier mentioned, venturing into this online marketing
platform may not be difficult without setting up a website,
but getting to the next level can be nearly impossible without one.

Having a website is not actually mandatory in affiliate marketing
unless the merchant/s you work with need you to have one in place.

But it is still highly recommended to setup your own site if
not in the initial stages, then at least when you progress further
into affiliate marketing. Most of the top Affiliate marketing
experts do indeed have a website.

This is largely due to the fact that a website always presents
a lot of benefits in this game. For instance, it can facilitate
for a cost effective “one-in-all” platform where you can actually
ingeniously market not one, but all the affiliate products you wish
to promote.

Additionally, putting in place a website can enable you to
effortlessly market your affiliate products to a much broader
and highly diversified audience.

The Different ways of marketing that I have shown you above
prove that  setting up
a website is not a prerequisite
in affiliate marketing,
but it certainly doing so does take the  whole process to a
different level, It is a very fun and rewarding experience,
and like anything it gets easier over time .

Also when you are earning good money you can always

your Website work on sites like Odesk or Elance.

So what are you waiting for ? act now - Is Having A Website A Must For Affiliate Marketing?

Go sign up with Clickbank or jvzoo, it’s easy to start.

Below is a video I made to show the sign-up process for ClickBank.


If you feel you don’t have the know-how to set up your
website or you need any advice you can contact me directly.
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It doesn’t matter how many say it cannot be done or how many people have tried it before; it’s important to realize that whatever you’re doing, it’s your first attempt at it.



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