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Are You Retargeting Your Visitors?


Are You Retargeting Your Visitors?

Did you know that only about 20% of all first-time visitors to a website will become a conversion on that visit? That means 80% of your site’s visitors are leaving without converting, even if they want to.

With shopping cart abandonment making major waves in the eCommerce industry
because of how recoverable these consumers are.
(Studies show that about 68% of all abandoned shopping carts can be recovered)

It only makes sense that the people who bounce off your site are recoverable as well, even if you don’t run an eCommerce site.

What is Retargeting?

If you don’t know what retargeting is, it’s a simple concept.
You place a code in your site’s footer (typically JavaScript) and that code compiles a list of all your site’s visitors. When someone comes to your website, the code implants a cookie into their browser that acts like an “on” switch for advertisements.

Then, as your visitor browses other sites on the internet, as they come to sites that have ads on them, the cookie you left in their browser activates your site’s ad.
This helps do a number of things, including keeping you fresh in their minds, reminding them that they might have wanted to make a purchase with you or simply creates another avenue to your website.

The point here is that you are getting advertised across the web to an extremely targeted audience: people that have already expressed interest in your website. Whether they left to look for better offers, they left the stove on or had to run

Whether they left to look for better offers, they left the stove on or had to run into a business meeting, you get another crack at them by simply adding some code to your website and running a few ads.

But Won’t People Find this Intrusive?
Of course, some places people absolutely hate targeted ads, such as ads that hit on keywords from people’s emails. This is intrusive and likely to backfire unless you’re a fairly large brand.

Nobody wants to think that a penis enlargement cream site is filtering through their emails and placing ads on their Gmail account!
But with retargeting, your ads will actually provide people with a better, more individualized browsing experience since the ads will be tailored to their interests. It’s always important to think about how your ads will be perceived by your audience.

There’s a fine line between being intrusive and being customized and the best web sites walk this line perfectly.

Retargeted Emails

Of course, not every internet marketer’s site lends itself to retargeting code and ads. Some marketers will do better to retarget their visitors through email campaigns It’s important that you re-contact people who fell out of your sales funnel so you can bring them back in.

As with the shopping cart abandonment, there’s no telling why the person fell out.They could have simply been distracted by a football score and forgot to go back.

The power could have went out, any number of things could have happened so assuming that everyone who bounced from your site did so because they didn’t like what they saw is faulty thinking that leads to zero sales.

What do you have to lose by sending out some emails saying,

“Hey, we’ve been thinking about you and we want you to come back! Here’s 10%  off your next order”


“Did you forget about us because we didn’t forget about you!
We figured you might have some questions so let’s set up a time to chat so I can answer them for you!”


The point is, you miss all of the sales that you don’t reach out and grasp, so retargeting visitors can only result in sales, what’s the worse that can happen, they ignore you?
Well, right now if you aren’t retargeting, you’re the one ignoring them!


How to Recover from a Google penalty

If your site has been hit with a Google penalty, the loss in traffic and
revenue can be absolutely devastating.  Some marketers might well choose
to scrap their site and start all over again (which isn't a bad idea if
your site isn't a monster), but for others who have a good flow of
traffic and great amount of reputation and subscribers, restarting isn't
an option.

So, what do you do if you're hit with a Google penalty?

Work Fast 

The first thing you need to understand here is that time is of the
essence.  The longer you wait to start recovering your rankings in the
SERPs and traffic, the more money you are going to lose (or not make,
same thing).  Further, your reputation is going to take a hit, meaning
even your most loyal clients might start wandering over to the other
side of the fence to see where the grass is greener.

Your first order of action should be to audit your entire website. 
Determine whether you have an algorithmic or manual penalty and then
pinpoint the cause.

That's the first area you should focus on. Typical
Google penalties include black hat SEO practices, buying links,
low-quality or duplicate content, high-bounce rates, on-page strategies
deemed manipulative, spamming and low-quality backlinks, so be prepared
to tackle those issues.

Depending on which update from Google caused the penalty (e.g. Penguin,
Panda, Hummingbird, etc.), your course of action will be dictated by the
latest fixes.  Take a deep look into your messages on your Webmaster
Tools account and look for communications from Google that might have
warned you (such as the Web Spam Team).

Take This Time to Fix Everything

Of course, you can just fix the problem as stated by Google and move on,
but it's much wiser to use this as an opportunity to clean up your
entire site.  Take a long, hard look at your practices, was this
penalty an anomaly or have you been toeing the line in terms of white
hat SEO practices?  

Run an analysis on your site with Hubspot or Nibbler
and fix up any code errors, warnings or other problem areas that are
holding your site down.

Any backlinks (aka inbound links) that are coming into your site that
are low-quality or "bad" should be removed immediately.  This can be an
arduous process if you have a lot of links, but using tools such as
Moz's Open Site Explorer, you can expedite the process.

Using these tools, check out all the websites that are linking to your site and
really evaluate which are "good" sites that are beneficial to your
ranking and/or business.

Get rid of any sites that might be bringing
you down (especially if those sites are the penalty trigger).  Don't
only remove these links, but construct a list of them and request Google
disavow them from your attributable backlinks.

Submission to Google

Once your site is completely fixed up, if your penalty was manual, you
can submit a reconsideration request to Google.   If your penalty was
algorithmic, you have to wait until the next time Google updates its
This can happen a few times a day or once a week Google
doesn't release this information unless it's a large update like
Hummingbird or Panda.

Either way your site's recovery is completely in
the hands of Google's team.  But by keeping a detailed record of all the
changes you made to come into compliance, you show that you are eager to
play by their rules.

Going above and beyond what you were penalized
will look good in the eyes of Google's team and you will likely be
reinstated to your former glory much faster than not.

How to Fix a Broken WordPress Install

While WordPress is easily the most simple to use and complete blogging
platform and content management system out there on the market, it does
have a few major flaws.  One of them in particular can be extremely
frustrating to deal with and that's when the software breaks down. 
WordPress is software so just like any other software program, yours can
stop working and create all types of problems for your marketing

When WordPress "breaks," the culprit can be any number of things: faulty
plugins, corrupted files, problems in the database, etc.  The good news
is that most of the time, your data will remain unharmed, it's just that
your blogs and/or site won't be visible to the public (meaning no sales,
which is equally bad!).  The even better news is that it's super easy to
fix a broken WordPress install.  Here's how.

                       Back Up Your Blog

The first thing that you want to do is to back up your entire blog and
site.  You can back it up on an external hard drive, use the wp-backup
plugin or even just copy/paste all of the content into documents or
notebook.  This is to protect you in case you make a mistake while
fixing WordPress.  The last thing you want is for all of your data 
to be lost forever

Be sure to back up the following:

- The /wp-content/ folder

- The database from your blog

- Disable Your Plugins

After you back up your data, the next step is to start checking to see
where the problem is coming from.  Just about everyone who uses
WordPress uses plugins as well, mainly because they add some killer
features and make the site more functional.  But they also can create a
ton of errors causing nothing but blank, slow or error pages to both you
and your visitors.

Here's what you do:

- Go to your admin page and navigate to the plugins screen.  Select all
of the plugins and then click to disable them.  (Note: If you can't get
to your plugins page, FTP into your blog and then rename the plugins
folder so that the next time you start it up, all plugins will be
deactivated. Simply rename the folder back to plugins to bring them back
and then enable them one at a time to find the problem plugin)

- After you've disabled all plugins, make sure the problem you are
having is gone.  If so, it was a plugin creating the problem (if the
error persists, go ahead an enable all the plugins and go to the next

- If the plugin is the problem, enable each plugin one by one until you
find the problem plugin

- Check One: See if the problem plugin has an update.  If not, you will
need to remove it and try to find a similar plugin that doesn't cause
the problem

- Check Two: The Config File

If you are seeing an error message stating that you "Cannot Connect To
Database," chances are your blog isn't loading up at all.  Here's what
you do:

- FTP into your blog and then find the wp-config.php file

- Make sure that the database name, password and user name are all

- If they are not, change them.  If they are correct, get in contact
with your web host and ask if any changes have been made to the database
or if any issues have been reported

Check Three: Reinstall Your WordPress

If you are still having issues, it's time to reinstall WordPress files
to wipe out any corrupted files.  You can do this with every file you
have and not cause damage to the blogs content except the /wp-content/
file.  Do not reinstall the /wp-content/ directory!

- Log into WordPress and go to Tools.  Hit "Upgrade" and then select the
option for reinstalling

- This uses the updater that is built into WordPress to reinstall all of
the core files but won't damage any of your plugins or themes

- If your WordPress updater isn't working, you will need to upload all
the files by FTPing into your blog.  Delete old files and then upload
the new ones. Remember not to touch the /wp-content/ file!

If your problem still persists, head over to the WordPress support

Is having a website a must for affiliate marketing?

Internet Marketing

Do you want to tap into the boundless benefits of eCommerce?

Don’t have the know-how or even the capital to
fund your online start-up? Well, do not worry.
There are still plenty of online marketing strategies
that you can try.Undoubtedly one of the best of options
happens to be affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing option offers first time
marketers, a golden opportunity by allowing one to promote
digital & software products without creating them and
profiting from the commissions set by the vendor.


  1. Start by enrolling in a suitable affiliate marketing Program 


That is run by either an online merchant or retailer. IE: Clickbank
You can select the right products to promote immediately.
For every lead you send to the merchant that results in a purchase,
you will earn a considerable commission usually 50% and above.


  1. Establishing yourself in affiliate marketing is a fairly straight forward process.

That is made even easier by the fact that joining most
of these programs is usually free of charge. Clickbank
and JvZoo for Instance.

However, despite these advantages,most individuals
are cautious when it comes to trying it out.
The problem, for the most part, stems from these people wrongly
thinking that having a website is mandatory to venture into
Affiliate Marketing.

There are marketers out there that do not have a website at all, and in reality,

almost anyone can effortlessly market affiliate products without
setting up their own website. All that is required is to create
a hop link on Clickbank and advertize that link through a social
channel. Which is free!


marketing strategies without a website!

Successful affiliate marketing techniques can be executed without a website.
This includes:

  • email marketing
  • eBook creation
  • Offline marketing
  • Ezine submissions


Taking part in online discussions such as forums,
message boards, chatting and several others.

Let us now take a closer look at some of these strategies below.





EmailsEmail marketing
This strategy is by far the most popular affiliate
marketing methods that doesn’t  necessitate the
affiliate to have a website.

Most Autoresponder services, Aweber for instance,
will host your landing page for you, You build up
your list via Solo advertisements.


Basically, You pay someone to send your offer to their
email list,  once you get  hold of email addresses of
potential clients, you  just send them articles touching on the

the products you may be marketing.

These articles don’t necessary have to be overly promotional
in nature, as many people equate such strategies to spamming.

Instead, you should try to offer insightful content and add
a call-to-action at the end of each article that ideally should
also contain links to your affiliate merchant’s website.

Alternatively, you can choose to market your affiliate products offline.
Some of the most effective platforms to do this include classified ads,
promotional flyers, and even brochures.

Classified ads are by far a much more excellent option as they
get published in periodicals, which can ensure you reach a broader audience


ebook-590x358Creating free eBooks

If you have a flair for words, authoring free eBooks
can be the ideal mode of marketing your affiliate products
if you don’t have a website.

Just like in email marketing or newsletters, it is extremely
critical to properly connect with your targeted audience.

Hence, your eBooks should not be bloated with fluff,
It should be concise and  educational.

Make a point to make sure that the content you create
is related to the products you wish to market.

While also ensuring you always put a captivating
call-to-action at its end, with either your affiliate
marketing merchant’s text ads or banners.


Submitting Ezine Articles

For those who may perhaps be not in the know, Ezines
are online articles or other publications that are meant
to elaborate on any given topic.

If you dont have your own site then,
submitting Ezines can be the right course of action.
It will get you into the habit of writing articles and then
if you do start your own blog you will already be off to
a good start.

This channel, like email marketing or eBook creation,
means you will also have to put a suitable call-to-action
with links to your affiliate product at the end of each Ezine you submit.


bloggingbusinessOnline discussions & Blog Commenting

Regardless of whether you have a web site in place or not,
taking part in relevant online discussions can also be an
ideal way of marketing your affiliate products.

Forums, message boards or even chat sites provide an excellent
platform where you can effectively engage individuals who may be
in need of the products you promote.




Well, as you can see for yourself all these strategies
can make one think that having a website for affiliate
marketing purposes is unnecessary.

Like earlier mentioned, venturing into this online marketing
platform may not be difficult without setting up a website,
but getting to the next level can be nearly impossible without one.

Having a website is not actually mandatory in affiliate marketing
unless the merchant/s you work with need you to have one in place.

But it is still highly recommended to setup your own site if
not in the initial stages, then at least when you progress further
into affiliate marketing. Most of the top Affiliate marketing
experts do indeed have a website.

This is largely due to the fact that a website always presents
a lot of benefits in this game. For instance, it can facilitate
for a cost effective “one-in-all” platform where you can actually
ingeniously market not one, but all the affiliate products you wish
to promote.

Additionally, putting in place a website can enable you to
effortlessly market your affiliate products to a much broader
and highly diversified audience.

The Different ways of marketing that I have shown you above
prove that  setting up
a website is not a prerequisite
in affiliate marketing,
but it certainly doing so does take the  whole process to a
different level, It is a very fun and rewarding experience,
and like anything it gets easier over time .

Also when you are earning good money you can always

your Website work on sites like Odesk or Elance.

So what are you waiting for ? act now

Go sign up with Clickbank or jvzoo, it’s easy to start.

Below is a video I made to show the sign-up process for ClickBank.


If you feel you don’t have the know-how to set up your
website or you need any advice you can contact me directly.
At Or reach out on Skype darren-mac

I will help you on your way.
I am also offeringa free website
done for you service

if you sign up for your hosting via my Affiliate link..

You won’t get changed any different for using my link,
however I will get a small affiliate payment.

This will pay for my time while I create your website.
I am also Including a custom header for your site.


It doesn’t matter how many say it cannot be done or how many people have tried it before; it’s important to realize that whatever you’re doing, it’s your first attempt at it.




Why You should Sign Up as a Jvzoo Affiliate


Earning money through the internet has never been easier now. A decade ago, it was still very daunting to find the best online moneymaking method which works effectively.

Now, the chances are unlimited and there are endless opportunities for everyone with a strong desire to gain thousands of dollars in a monthly basis. There are freelance jobs, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding online jobs and  have gone on to generate thousands of millionaires worldwide.

There are success stories of affiliate marketers, who are smart enough in choosing the best affiliate marketing company.

Most of them are wise enough to sign up to become a Jvzoo affiliate.

Why Jvzoo?

What’s so special about becoming the member of Jvzoo?

There are so many companies that offer affiliate marketing with some benefits. How can Jvzoo stand out from others? The first and the foremost reason is the well-integrated affiliate system that Jvzoo applies.

It does not require any single cost to be the affiliate marketer for various products that Jvzoo’s partners offer, so there is no need to worry about losing a dime for a useless registration.

Everything is managed through a systemized affiliate marketing scheme, that no other affiliate marketing company can rival.

How to Start


It is as easy as visiting and register for free.

Any applicant should fill the registration form with the most accurate personal information and the real phone number for verification. Once the phone number is verified, the applicant will be the member of Jvzoo affiliate and starts using the available features.

The Best Features of Jvzoo

Jvzoo members can enjoy various benefits from becoming the affiliate marketers. First, they do not need to use certain tools from the third party to sell any product.

Jvzoo members can sell products and get the payment in only a few mouse clicks through Jvzoo. Members will get the payment safely through PayPal, once they manage to sell the products.

There is a sophisticated split payment for the convenience of both the affiliate marketers and sellers. As the affiliate marketers are paid directly by sellers or vendors, they can rest assured that they will receive safe payment which is free from PayPal dispute or a charge-back—just in case there is a customer’s dissatisfaction.

There are still so many excellent features, that affiliate marketers can enjoy after joining Jvzoo. They will benefit more by selling the best products from the marketplace, based on their desires. Products range from food, finance, education, entertainment, e-commerce, family, home, self improvement, software, writing and many more. There are lots of choices for affiliate marketers, in which they can sell the products that they really fond of. They can even track for their earnings and traffic in real-time.

Sign Up Now and Welcome The Opportunity of an Endless Income

There is no need to wait! Sign up now and start gaining lots of money, hassle free. Get the chance of earning commissions from the directly sold products, from the recruited affiliate marketers. With all those benefits, Jvzoo affiliate program is definitely worth joining.


How To Sign Up With Clickbank

Editor's choiceclickbank-logo is an online marketing place held privately for digital information products. It serves as a connection between the affiliate marketers and vendors, also known as content writers, who then are again responsible for promoting the products to the customers.

Clickbank was named by the Revenue Magazine as the top affiliate marketing website in the United States. According to the figures released in 2011, Clickbank had attracted around 1,500,000 affiliate marketers.( Updated, As of Nov 17th 2014 click bank has paid out over $3 BILLION in affiliate commissions)

The company had paid over 3.0 billion$ to affiliates and vendors by November 2014. It generates annual revenue of $450 million and processes around 35,000 transactions in a day.Becoming an affiliate with Clickbank is absolutely free and also requires a very less amount of time.

How to Sign up with Clickbank?

You can sign up with Clickbank by just following the simple steps given below:

  1. Go to the Sign Up’ form of Clickbank.
  2. You then need to fill out the information requested in the form.
  3. You will be asked to enter a nickname. In that field enter a name which you can easily remember. This name will be used when you want to log into your account. The minimum characters required for the name is minimum 5 and maximum is 10.
  4. Check the ‘I Agree’ box to indicate that you have read all the terms and conditions and agree to the. Also, review the client contract.
  5. The text image must be entered into a box placed below the image.
  6. At the end of the form there will be a Submit Button’. Click the Submit Button’ after you have given all the required information by entering them into the relevant boxes.
  7. You will then be taken to your Clickbank account.
  8. You will be asked to confirm your email address in order to be completely associated with your clickbank account.
  9. Go to your email and click the link to confirm your email address.
  10. On clicking the link you will be redirected back to your clickbank account. Here you will be asked to write down your nickname and password.

Sometimes the pages might not function properly. This is because your cookies and JavaScript might be disabled.

Make sure you enable them in order to ensure proper functioning. Once you have received your password and have signed up with Clickbank; you are permitted to login at any time. You just need to click Log In’ and enter your nickname as well as password to enter the site.

Why to Sign in with Clickbank?

You might be working very hard to develop an audience with tremendous loyalty.

You might be doing this with the help of your website or blog. You might also be having a whole lot of ideas to increase your earnings through audience.

But unless you are an affiliate of Clickbank, you are not making the money you deserve for the efforts you are putting in.

If you are an affiliate with Clickbank you will be able to promote products that are picked by you with a specific idea of your audience in mind. Thus, you will be in control of the promotions that are going to appear on your site.

Don’t wait anymore. Sign up with Clickbank and enjoy affiliate marketing as well as the facilities of being a vendor.


How to Sign up with Aweber

Editor's choiceaweber

If you are interested in signing up with Aweber, you can start by filling up a sign up form on the website. The good thing is that you can start a $1 trial when you want to subscribe to this autoresponder service.

You are going to be charged $1 for your first month, and if you’re not entirely satisfied with the service, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, So if you don’t like it just cancel within the 30 days and get your money back. You can also choose from various packages, and there is a $19 monthly package, $49 quarterly package, and a $194 yearly package. Once you provide your billing information, you can sign up for the service using your credit card.

You can now start creating your forms, and you can create your pop up, lightbox or pop-over signing up form. To do this, you just need to click on the ‘Sign Up Forms’ tab in your navigation menu. After that, you can create your new form or you can edit the existing one. You will then be provided with templates, and there is a tool bar with the drop down box labeled ‘Form Type’. Here is where you can select from all the form types that are available.

An in-line form appears within the current body of your webpage while a pop-over form hovers within your webpage and it usually can’t be blocked. A lightbox is similar to the pop-over box but it will darken your webpage. A pop-up form opens in a new window and it is blocked by most web browsers. Once you’ve selected your form, you can hit a preview button within the sign-up form generator to view how it will work. You can also view demos on the Aweber website.

After choosing the type of form that you prefer, it’s possible to customize it exactly how it should look on your webpage. Depending on the type of form that you’ve chosen, you can be able to customize the following.

You can customize the delay, and by default, the forms appear instantly as soon as your webpage loads. If you prefer a brief delay before your affiliate marketing form appears, you can enter the number of seconds that your visitors have to wait.

You can also customize the recurrence of the form, and the default setting is ‘Always Display’. However, this can cause annoyance to your visitors if forms are always being offered every time they visit your site. Instead, you can choose to have the pop-up form appearing only once, or on certain days.

Another thing you can customize is the pop-up behavior, and you can choose to have the form appearing after the visitor leaves your webpage.

You can also choose a form that doesn’t appear to your visitor immediately, but in a separate window, and this is called a pop-under form. After finishing your design and set-up, you can save it and then publish it on your website.

You will be provided with a code for this process. Once you do this, visitors to your website are going to get the option of receiving offers in their inbox, and your affiliate marketing effort is now fully operational.


Aweber and Squeezepages

Most Squeezepage generators and plugins have integration already installed for Aweber. You simply make the form and then copy the html code where instructed.

While there are lots of Different autoresponder services available on the market today Aweber is the one that everyone gravitates back too. At the 1$ Sign up for the one month trial you really have nothing to lose.


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